World of Wonders

Project: World of Wonders / The Tree House Adventures
Client: Mall of Qatar
Location: Doha, Qatar
Category: Episodic Interactive Experience
Services: Creative Ideation, Creative Direction, Concept Design, Planning
Project Overview:

Mall of Qatar emerged as a distinct shopping destination, boasting a genuine theatrical venue equipped with hydraulic lifts, aerial automation, theatrical effects, and even a captivating water fountain enveloping the stage. In partnership with Creativiva Worldwide, Lukas spearheaded a visionary team with the aim of transforming the mall into the epicentre of unprecedented entertainment and experiences.

The challenge extended beyond crafting novel entertainment; it sought to introduce an entirely new format that would revolutionize the concept of destination entertainment. Lukas’s creative ingenuity embraced the vision of establishing a perpetual quality of events, experiences, and live spectacles. This endeavor was named “World of Wonders.”Central to Lukas’s vision was the creation of a unique episodic theatrical show, reminiscent of a TV series. This ingenious approach ensured that audiences could relish shows they might have missed and anticipate the next installment—an innovative strategy that cultivated returning customers. The episodic nature of the shows was complemented by a range of live events, competitions, and specialized experiences. Another special feature was a mobile app that allowed guests to collect points, digital souvenirs, and even purchase themed merchandise. This holistic approach aimed to enhance engagement, making every visit a memorable experience.

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