Sensory Walk

Project: Sensory Walk
Client: Deutsche Bank
Location: Toronto, Canada
Category: Immersive Experience
Services: Creative Ideation, Creative Direction, Concept Design, Production
Project Overview:

Partnering with Creativiva Worldwide, Lukas undertook the task of crafting an unparalleled urban encounter for Deutsche Bank. The objective was to evoke diverse emotions and pave the way for an exceptional follow-up experience—an exclusive event celebrating street urban art.

Lukas and his innovative team conceived the “Sensory Walk,” a concept that transformed the act of walking into an immersive journey. This extraordinary experience unfolded within the confines of an old brick factory tunnel. The brilliance of the concept lay in its ability to dynamically engage multiple senses. As visitors traversed the tunnel, they encountered a symphony of effects: lights that shifted, music that evolved, and even scent machines that added a fragrant dimension to the surroundings.

The strategic partnership between Lukas and Creativiva Worldwide bore fruit in the form of a truly captivating experience. The sensory journey acted as a compelling prologue, intriguing participants and setting the stage for the upcoming event that celebrated the essence of street urban style.

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