Project: Light
Client: P&O Cruises, Carnival Group
Location: Southampton, UK
Category: Experience Design
Services: Creative Direction, Design
Project Overview:

In the realm of creativity, one element stands out as paramount—light. The concept of light extends beyond the sun; it’s a cornerstone of design, emotion, and experience. Our team embraced this notion with a visionary project for P&O Cruises, Carnival Group—a venture that celebrated the power of light in all its facets.

The canvas was a collection of Creativiva’s spectacles, a realm where imagination knew no bounds. Lukas’s creative direction prowess converged to craft not only remarkable visual experiences but also a symphony of light. The spotlight was on the glass dome adorned with an intricate network of LED lights—an expansive canvas waiting to be brought to life.

The project aimed to redefine the very essence of light. The glass dome became a testament to the interplay between artistry and technology, creating an unparalleled destination of wonder. Every hue, every shimmer, and every play of light transformed the environment into a realm of enchantment.

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