Project: IONA - Shows and Experiences (Dome + Atrium)
Client: P&O Cruises, Carnival Group
Location: Southampton, UK
Category: Innovative Entertainemnt
Services: Creative Ideation, Creative Direction, Concept Design, Production, Integration, Operations
Project Overview:

In an extensive collaboration with Creativiva Worldwide, Lukas took on the exciting challenge of conceptualizing, crafting a creative direction, and bringing to life novel shows and experiences for P&O Cruises’ exceptional venues: the Dome and Atrium of their new ship, Iona. This multi-year journey commenced with Lukas joining forces with P&O’s forward-thinking entertainment director, Phil Yeomans, to brainstorm and explore a multitude of ideas.

Through numerous iterations and exploration, Lukas and the team formulated revolutionary concepts that harmonized with the ship’s vision and the remarkable potential of the Dome and Atrium. This creative journey encapsulated the seamless blend of artistic expression, refined talent, and the grandeur of the ship’s exquisite venues.

The evolution of the project spanned five years, encompassing the entire spectrum from conceptualization to the successful execution of shows on the Iona. This incredible voyage culminated in a cutting-edge entertainment and experiential endeavor that pushed the boundaries of artistic innovation, ultimately setting a new standard for onboard entertainment.

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