Deja Vu

Project: Deja Vu
Client: Posadas Hotels, Live Aqua
Location: Cancun, Mexico
Category: Immersive Experience Design
Services: Creative Ideation, Creative Direction, Concept Design
Project Overview:

In the enchanting backdrop of Cancun, Lukas converged with the development, standardization, and marketing teams of Posadas Hotels, Live Aqua. Beyond the discussions of other hotel brands and upcoming projects, a novel journey unfolded—a voyage into the realms of ideation and opportunities that would revitalize the existing luxurious haven of Live Aqua.

Amidst breathtaking views, extraordinary culinary experiences, and impeccable rooms, Lukas’ perceptive eye identified an uncharted opportunity to create a destination within a destination—an experience that would be both unique and gastronomically delightful. The canvas for this transformation was the forgotten garden nestled on the side of the hotel—an oasis waiting to be reborn.

Dubbed “Deja Vu,” this project encapsulated Lukas’s artistic vision and creative prowess. The mission was to craft an extraordinary experience, an ambiance that evoked a sense of familiarity and wonder. The forgotten garden was to be resurrected as a sanctuary where time itself seemed to echo and repeat.

The creative direction embarked on a journey of immersive storytelling and culinary feasts. The forgotten garden was to be infused with new life, a space where guests could indulge their senses while basking in the embrace of nature. The concept was a symphony of familiar yet renewed experiences—a true “Deja Vu.”

It was a project that resonated with the essence of Live Aqua, breathing new life into its identity and reaffirming its status as a luxury destination that thrives on the magic of familiarity and enchantment.

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