Project: Decadance
Client: Confidential
Location: UAE
Category: Venue + Experience Design
Services: Creative Ideation, Creative Direction, Concept Design
Project Overview:

Embarking on a journey of innovation, Lukas and the team were entrusted with an extraordinary mission. The task was to create an awe-inspiring experience known as “Decadance,” blending art, live performances, and activations seamlessly around a monumental vertical theater-style structure. This ambitious endeavor aimed to transform the location into an unparalleled retail destination that would not only captivate but also leave a lasting impact.

The essence of Decadance lay in its ability to push boundaries. Through creative ideation and meticulous planning, the team envisioned an art installation that was nothing short of decadent. Live performances and interactive activations were seamlessly integrated within and around the vertical theater, which stood as a majestic monument in itself.

The primary goal was to craft an experience that transcended the ordinary and remained extraordinary over time. The creative direction focused on curating a retail destination that would become an iconic landmark, attracting both new visitors and returning customers. The concept aimed to captivate the imagination, create a sense of awe, and immerse visitors in an environment where every element told a

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