Da Vinci

Project: Da Vinci
Client: BurJuman
Location: Dubai, UAE
Category: Interactive Experience + Placemaking
Services: Creative Ideation, Creative Direction, Concept Design, Curation, Exhibition
Project Overview:

The challenge was monumental: Transform a luxury shopping mall into an intellectual and educational haven that transcended all expectations. The vision was to create an extraordinary destination, a space that ignited curiosity across demographics—children to seniors, locals to tourists, and everyone in between. This was the canvas that Lukas and his dynamic team eagerly seized, ready to redefine the very concept of possibility. The result: “Da Vinci.”

Lukas’s approach was audacious and trailblazing. The project sought to celebrate the genius of Leonardo da Vinci through an immersive experience that seamlessly blended art, invention, and interaction. The challenge was not just to curate his iconic artworks but to also encapsulate his numerous inventions. This meant transforming corridors and expansive spaces into immersive galleries that not only displayed Leonardo’s works but also invited visitors to engage and interact with his creations.

But we didn’t stop there. The team pushed the boundaries by enabling visitors to touch and operate the recreated machines, offering an unprecedented level of engagement and experiential learning. The result was nothing short of remarkable—an interactive journey that allowed visitors to step into the mind of the master himself.

Da Vinci’s brilliance was reborn within the walls of BurJuman. The exhibition marked the first-ever instance of such an immersive experience in a shopping mall, a feat that defied conventions and left an
indelible mark.

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