Project: BurJuman - Destination & Experiences
Client: BurJuman
Location: Dubai, UAE
Category: Experience Design
Services: Creative Ideation, Creative Direction, Concept Design, Production, Integration, Operations
Project Overview:

Over a span of more than five years, Lukas and his exceptional creative team collaborated closely with BurJuman to shape an unprecedented vision in the realm of retail destinations. This ambitious undertaking aimed to reimagine and revolutionize the concept of customer engagement and attraction.

The collaborative journey encompassed a rich spectrum of creative endeavours. From ideation to concept design, and from creative direction to seamless integration and operational execution, every facet was meticulously orchestrated. The goal was to craft an all-encompassing experience that transcended traditional retail norms.

In their pursuit of innovation, Lukas and his team devised a captivating strategy centred around never-before-seen experiences. These experiences included a fusion of art and science exhibitions, world premiere shows, mesmerizing displays of magic, and remarkable fashion showcases. This eclectic mix of attractions was curated to captivate the imagination of visitors and create a dynamic journey through the retail space.

A standout feature of this particular project was the ingenious utilization of the building’s façade to allure visitors. BurJuman’s exterior would be transformed into a beacon of artistic extravagance through a masterful blend of aesthetic allure and compelling storytelling. This unique approach would draw in customers and seamlessly connect the physical space with the immersive experiences within.

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