Revolutionary Studio Lukas Cabalka & Co. Designs the Extraordinary For Brands Desperate to be Dramatically Different

The Aesthetic Innovator is Leading Retail & Hospitality’s Renaissance Through a New and Emerging Discipline: Momentscaping. The Future of Branded Physical Experiences Will Never Be the Same.

TORONTO, CANADA – August 14, 2022, In our digitally oversaturated world, consumers are hungry for IRL experiences, and many retailers, restaurants, hotels and cities are undergoing a brand renaissance in hopes of bringing the crowds their way. As the world’s first momentscaping studio, Lukas Cabalka & Co. is leading this next revolution in brand differentiation by radically reimagining how patrons experience physical spaces.

Their mission? To create moments of extraordinary impact that make people say “Wow!”

“In 2022, it’s no longer enough to provide great goods, service, food, amenities, architecture, and technology. Customers expect that,” says studio founder and visionary Creative Director Lukas Cabalka. “The wow moments are the real differentiators. Those extraordinary experiences and unexpected touches that provoke positive emotion and connection. Momentscaping gives a hotel, restaurant, retail store or destination charisma. Impact. That intangible ‘cool’ factor that makes people feel deeply, share widely and become obsessed with you.”

Lukas Cabalka and Co. defines momentscaping as the art of elevating spaces, places and brands through aesthetic innovation, spatial storytelling and evocative multisensory experience design. This new and in demand specialty combines multiple disciplines from the arts, scenography and creative direction to psychology, marketing and anthropology to create the new and unexpected. The studio collaborates with some of the world’s premiere hospitality, tourism and retail trendsetters, transforming physical settings into the most sought-after destinations.

Cabalka is well versed in the art of unexpected. For over 20 years, he has been wowing audiences with the genre-bending live spectacles, fashion shows, branded events and tourism attractions he’s created, directed and produced with his worldwide entertainment company Creativiva. Lukas Cabalka & Co. is the latest evolution of his craft and artistry, born of clients’ growing need for dramatic differentiation to bolster revenue and relevance in the new experience economy.

Cabalka says the payoff for brands that successfully deliver immersive, memorable moments is undeniable, with those he works with seeing more customer engagement, increased brand awareness and fanatic demand for what they are offering.

“Extraordinary experiences don’t just happen,” he notes. “They must be artfully designed, with human
emotion at the forefront. We are innovating every element of the branded physical space to make people feel, react and become zealous participants. Whether you’re a hotel or restaurant looking to enhance impact or a retailer in need of a total revolution, there are myriad ways my team can infuse magic, from the sights, sounds, style and mood to the overall storytelling. When you appeal to your audience on a sensory level, you create love for the moment, leaving an indelible imprint. What brand doesn’t want to be unforgettable?”

Headquartered in Toronto, Lukas Cabalka & Co. has offices in New York, London and Milano. The studio consults for a select roster of brands who share a desire to be extraordinary and a passion for inventing the future.

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About Lukas Cabalka & Co.
Lukas Cabalka & Co. is an international momenstcaping studio that creates the new and unexpected for spaces, places and brands. They design moments of extraordinary impact that make people feel, share and become obsessed with you. Creative Revolutionary Lukas Cabalka leads a wildly talented team of aesthetic innovators, spatial storytellers and impact creators who collaborate with hospitality, tourism, healthcare and retail trendsetters to dramatically differentiate them through one-of-a-kind experiences and a renaissance of cool.

Founder Lukas Cabalka brings two decades of craft and artistry in delivering high-impact moments. From theatrical spectacles in Europe and interactive exhibits in the Middle East to innovative culinary events in Asia and immersive entertainment across North America, his innovation has spanned genres and globes. Now his creative studio is turning their passion for dramaturgy, scenography, branding, technical innovation and creative production to the next revolution of experiential: momentscapes.

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